Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn't. A sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is. --Horace Walpole


ZAP Creative has been involved in the meeting and event business for twenty years. We pride ourselves on our simple yet precise methodology for creating a unique communication vehicle that suits the needs of our clients. We believe that meetings are more than just a “one time” interaction with attendees.

Face to Face marketing, be it internal or external, should be the beginning of the conversation; a dialogue that continues throughout the year between attendees and stakeholders.

In order to make this dialogue a reality, we have
perfected a strategic creative process that captures every aspect of the attendees experience and infuses it with the overall goal of the meeting.
Our Mantra is: Effectively Deliver Strategic Communication. That means we begin our approach by understanding our client's vision and strategy, then executing this strategy through all aspects of their communication. That may or may not mean a meeting. It may mean a webinar, a mailing, a charity event, a road tour, or something else.

We utilize pre- and post-event benchmarking comparisons to determine shifts in attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of your meeting attendees. This full-spectrum, one-of-a-kind meeting measurement service demonstrates exactly how well your event performed in achieving its communication objectives.

The true value of a tool of this nature is the ability to interpret and leverage the data in the meeting itself.
ZAP Creative, Inc. has spent the last five years as a strategic partner of the developers, and has created a unique data synthesis model that allows immediate integration of the behavioral measurements into the meeting itself.

Meeting production is the very art form of scalability. From a 25 person breakout session to a 2500 person general session, ZAP Creative is prepared to be your meeting production artiste. Our flexibility and experience are the keys to providing our clients the industry leading production creative that they expect on every level of production: staging, lighting, video, and audio for any size or manner of meeting.

Most presenters tend to treat the act of presenting as a monologue and they believe that reading the bullets off a PPT slide constitutes a good presentation. This is WRONG! However, with just a scant amount of our pre-event coaching, presenters will be empowered to deliver an engaging and thought provoking presentation.

  • Identify and gain confidence in your personal communications style.
    Manage the fear that often challenges presenters.
    • Become more
    adept at listening, reading a room, and building trust.
    Think on your feet and adapt to situations easily.

Become a Master Communicator and put an end to Death by PPT!
The Medium truly is the Message and it's critical to apply that thinking to every communication opportunity. Media is everywhere from DVD's to YouTube and Cell Phones to E-books. We concentrate on delivering your message through the right medium for maximum strategic impact.
Whether it's a viral video or a new brand campaign, the content has to be delivered in an engaging method in order for the message to be heard. ZAP Creative has Emmy Winning Producers, Award Winning Directors, and the finest editors in the industry. Use the right medium to deliver the right message to the right audience. Now
that is a ZAP moment.
Are you looking for a way to transform your entire team into PLAYMakers? A PLAYmaker is some one who executes plays and puts one or more teammates in a position to score. A PLAYMaker displays the skills for supporting efforts, injecting energy, identifying solutions, and creating the environment required for everyone to succeed.

The PLAYMaker Institute was developed after years of research to find out what makes a successful PLAYMaker and if anyone can learn these skills. The answer is an unequivocal and resounding YES! It’s not only possible, it’s easy with the PLAYMaker workshop. Just ask GM or Major League Baseball, both of whom used our techniques to prep their players for change adaptation and flexibility.

Click here to visit the PLAYMaker Institute or call us for more information. And remember: Workers work; PLAYMakers PLAY!
ZAP Creative, Inc. delivers some of the finest comedy performers and professionally trained improvisers in the country right to your event. These professional “jesters” have a long history in corporate entertainment and know just how to have fun with your group through clean, intelligent humor.

Improv-a-go-go! A totally improvised show that uses audience suggestions to generate 100% original scenes based upon their suggestions.

Tuesday Night Live: A combination of pre-written sketches and improvised games.

The Corporate Talent Show: No experience necessary for this concept that puts your people up on stage as performers in a safe yet hilarious process of putting together your company talent show which is created on the spot!
THE JARGONATOR: Have you ever been put on the spot to supply your business acumen with nothing prophetic to add? The Jargonator to the rescue! The Jargonator is a fun iPhone application that supplies you with just the right “corporate speak” to respond to any given question. Simply shake your phone or press "Jargonate" for a new completely legitimate yet indecipherable phrase to appear!

OFFICE SPORTZ: Boost morale, encourage teamwork, foster innovation and improve your bottom line with this application! Bring your team together for hours of fun and years of great memories with the Office Sportz App. Inspired by the book, Office Sportz!: The Official Office Games Handbook, this application brings all the book's games right to your phone and is a sure way to keep your office talking and morale high!
Our Telly Award Winning web series "Level 7 Communications" follows the exploits of a small meeting and event agency based in Chicago. Watch the trials and tribulations of Level 7 as they try to avoid the pitfalls of success through hard work and incredibly bad choices. Check out the Level 7 employee bio videos and their compassionless leader, Charlie Stanic.

A cross between The Office and 30 Rock, Level 7 Communications is an exploration of what to avoid in the meeting industry. Piecing together lost footage from an internal marketing initiative, the mysterious "Sharkify" reveals what makes the agency a time bomb!

With episodes that cover everything from homemade sexual harassment videos to experimenting with a client's unapproved pharmaceutical trial and "The Incident", the staff at Level 7 have plenty to hide and no where to hide it!
Click Here to watch!

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