Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn't. A sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is. --Horace Walpole

Associations require a unique understanding of the balance required to deliver communication, continuing education, and membership interaction while serving the goals set by elected leaders and senior administrative staff. ZAP Creative has worked with associations in every field from medical to construction creating the right environment for networking, learning, and the promotion of sponsorship to ensure the long legacy of the association continues into the future.
Business conferences are an effective way to accomplish an organization's goals: to drive sales, recognize accomplishments, reinforce values or communicate vision. But we believe that an event is just the beginning of the conversation. Our strategic process recommends methods for companies to keep the momentum of a face-to-face meeting going throughout the year.
Supporting CSO's in their efforts to communicate their message is a point of pride for ZAP Creative. The approach in this arena is highly specific with goals that differ slightly from Corporate and Association clients. This is where our creativity is our most powerful tool in aiding these organizations.

Client Comments

With your continuous dedication, professionalism and astounding spirit, Kickoff 2001 - "The Academy of StorageTek Professionals" was a
tremendous SUCCESS! This kickoff was one of the absolute best I have
attended for an organization, honesty, passion, and good information and camaraderie - This was the benchmark to improve on!...

Field Marketing Manager

You provided great interaction and entertainment for our group. And, because this wasn't your first PSA conference appearance, our attendees think of you as "family". We even received "write-in" comments about you on our post- conference survey. Some comments included: "Jeff always does a great job!" "The emcee is fabulous!" "Jeff was great". Your professionalism, humor and adaptability make it a delight to work with you always great having you part of our team.
Professional Sales Association

I agree the Las Vegas Leadership Conference was a true success. Waste Management staff had nothing but praise...But we now have a big problem! How are we going to top this next year?

Chairman, President
Chief Executive Officer

Where do I begin? Since our "performance" in New York earlier this week, I have had the sincere pleasure of being inundated with one after another positive comments concerning our North American Division Leadership Forum. Jeff, in my entire 37 -year career with this company, I have never seen such an outpouring of sincere enthusiastic attitude toward a corporate event or meeting such as this. Your performance was outstanding and memorable.

Vice President Communication

The performances, which were written and directed by Jeff Rogers, were particularly adept at addressing underlying concerns often left unspoken by employees about to move into a new work environment. The performances generated a wonderful reaction of positive anticipation, fun, humor and laughter from our employee participants.

Global HR

Special thanks to Jeff Rogers for his extraordinary writing and emoting skills and to Kate Porterfield, who does such an entertaining and effective job of relating the principles of improvisation to our business. They add so much: a touch of levity just when things appear to be getting too serious... an original sketch that appropriately lampoons one of our people or perfectly captures an idiosyncrasy of our business... an hilarious segue into a new meeting segment... this was "A Perfect Day" for us.


Thank you so very much for putting together such a great show in such a short period of time.

We received a great many compliments about the Global Communicators Conference. The communicators loved it - Jeff was absolutely right when he said nothing works better than an inside joke!

I hope that we have the opportunity to work together in the near future and in the meantime I will not hesitate to recommend your services to my colleagues at DaimlerChrysler and beyond.
Global Communications Strategy

Dear Jeff;

Having you create an Improv workshop and presentation for our group proved to be a stroke of genius! Everyone was fully involved and animated, they all took away lessons, examples, and ideas that will help them communicate and cooperate better in the year ahead!

Trying to change behavior is always a tough challenge, however the "Yes, and" guiding principle will go a long way to help. Thanks for making our meeting memorable!

VP Greenridge Realty, Inc.

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