Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he isn't. A sense of humor was provided to console him for what he is. --Horace Walpole


ZAP Creative, Inc. is named after the fundamental elements that need to take place for successful communication:
  • A charged atmosphere of goals and energy
    • Leaders who have a direction to share
    • Groups trying to make a connection
When that connection is made between leaders and groups- great energy is unleashed!

Great ideas do that:
They illuminate, create a buzz, and most importantly, create a wave of energy that compels action.

That is a ZAP moment.
This is ZAP Creative. Welcome.
We don’t have a mission
We have a

Effectively Deliver Strategic Communication.
Every suggestion, every idea lives or dies by whether or not it delivers strategic communication in an engaging and cost effective manner for our clients.
ZAP Creative has worked in virtually every vertical industry from Associations to Pharma to Tech to Zoology (We once did an event with Shamu the Killer Whale. One word: Diva.) Our vast experience with clients from Associations, Corporations, and Charitable organizations allows us to bring together the perfect assets that will make your event everything you want it to be.
And make you the RAINMAKER.
Our scalable process allows us to flawlessly execute every aspect of a meeting including:

  • Pre and Post Communication Design And Execution
    • Creative Direction and Theming
    • Graphic Design for PPT
    • Presentation Scripting and Coaching
    • Thematic Pull Through
    • Video Modules
    • Staging and Production Direction
    • Entertainment / Talent / Keynote
    • Communication Measurement and Impact

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The Meeting Department is an unprecedented scalable meeting and event production solution that effectively supplies all of the elements of a much more expensive production at a budget conscious price point. The Meeting Department allows you to create an engaging experience for your meeting attendees by providing you everything you need to deliver your message with impact! You make the choice from a selection of meeting styles all of which contain:
  • Customizable HD video,
  • Graphics,
  • PowerPoint templates,
  • Pre- and post event communication,
  • Return On Communication surveys that prove the value of your event.

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Our Telly Award Winning web series "Level 7 Communications" follows the exploits of a small meeting and event agency based in Chicago. Watch the trials and tribulations of Level 7 as they try to avoid the pitfalls of success through hard work and incredibly bad choices. Check out the Level 7 employee bio videos and their compassionless leader, Charlie Stanic.

A cross between The Office and 30 Rock, Level 7 Communications is an exploration of what to avoid in the meeting industry. Piecing together lost footage from an internal marketing initiative, the mysterious "Sharkify" reveals what makes the agency a time bomb!

With episodes that cover everything from homemade sexual harassment videos to experimenting with a client's unapproved pharmaceutical trial and "The Incident", the staff at Level 7 have plenty to hide and no where to hide it!
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ZAP Creative is very proud to have won 6 Telly Awards during the 32nd Annual Telly Award competition. ZAP was honored with the Silver, Bronze, and People's Choice Awards in several categories including:

Non-Broadcast Video award for: Best in Direct Marketing
People’s Choice awards for: Best Use of Humor & Best Program or Webisode
Three Non-Broadcast Video awards for: Best in Live Events

Founded in 1978, the Telly Awards honor TV commercials and programs, the finest video and film productions, and online film and video and receives more than 11,000 entries annually. Winners represent the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world.

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